ElectronicVisa Solution

About e-Visa Solution

About e-Visa Solution

Electronic visa is an alternative to traditional way of obtaining visas in person at embassies of respective countries. Applicants obtain their visas electronically after filling out required information and making payments through e-visa portal. Visa fee paid depends on the specified type of visa and varies on urgency of visa issued.

Significant boost in numberof tourists

The general trend for countries is significant boost in number of tourists arriving after enabling of electronic visa system in the country.

Key benefits of Electronic Visa Solution

No need to visit embassies to get visa;
Web based interaction with the system;
3 step business process for visa applicant;
Instant payment of visa fee using credit cards

Once payment is received, electronic secure decision making routine including all related authorities of the country is activated. State Security Service, Foreign Intelligence Service and State Border Service are usually among decision making authorities.

E-visa is sent to applicant’s e-mail address or optionally to his smartphone. Information about new visa is delivered to all related government bodies. Visitor prints Visa on paper or uses 2D bar code sent to its Smartphone on border crossing window.