Designed to support business processes in the treasury

Treasury Management Information System

Treasury Management Information System is designed to support business processes in the Treasury bodies in terms of cash services for the execution of the republican and local budgets. The main advantage of the system is that it improves the quality and effectiveness in operation of the Treasury.

The system provides tools for analysis, decision making support and operational control, by reducing the number of routine operations through automation of multiple processes. The system also integrates with third party bodies within the framework of e-Government.

Key characteristics:

Centralized system with web-interface

Advanced parameter settings

Advanced audit (logging)

Integrated reporting system

Multi-language support

Main Advantages

Coverage of the main business processes of the Treasury
No need to maintain the system in the field
Support decision making through analytical reporting

Main Components

  • Formation of the republican budget
  • Registration and budget delivery
  • Cash planning
  • Commitment Management
  • Payment Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Keeping the Treasury General Ledger
  • Reporting system
  • System Administration